How to Improve Laptop Battery Life for Long Time

Currently Our Technologies progressing day by day. Our day to day life is combined with Technology. We use and Access Technology everywhere anywhere.

One of the Effective Technology or Technical feature we use today is Laptops. Due to it’s features and properties anyone can use it anywhere in the World.

Laptops Battery Durations & Life’s

If When anyone to use a Laptop it’s Battery Life is very important. Laptops are Built in Battery in other words Laptops are Battery-Powered. So it’s Battery and how long it will last is very important. Becouse Sometime our working time lost power that very loss.

What Things Affects Laptop Battery Life?

  • Using your Laptop while it’s plugged into charging.
  • Overuse of your Laptop.
  • Using your Laptop when it’s Hot.
  • Not using your Laptop for a long time period.
  • When Set the brightness of your Laptop high

How To Improve Laptop Battery Life

  • Keep your Laptop cool
  • Reduce the screen Brightness
  • Enable power mode on
  • Use the Charger that get with your laptop
  • Close apps that you are not using
  • Don’t keep your laptop plugged in Turn off your laptop Daily