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Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority also popularly known as SEWA is a government utility in the Emirate of Sharjah which provides electricity, water and natural gas to all its residents. It supplies the same to over 300,000 consumers  It has its own bottled drinking water subsidiary known as Zulal which has its factory located in the Rahmania area.

The current Chairman is H.E Dr. Rashid Al Leem who took this role in 2014. SEWA became a profitable organization in 2015 contributing towards government revenue. It also won the best Arab electricity and water authority award in 2014. Since 2015 SEWA uses a slab system for managing different types of tariffs.

SEWA opened up a new SCADA center in Nasseriya in 2015 with one of the largest monitoring and control smart screens in the region. It has also started implementing smart meters across the region and completed over 40,000 meters as of April 2018 . Electricity and Water Authority Jobs 2022.

It is one of the few governments with ISO 500001 certifications.

Create a happy work environment

SEWA is committed to safe and healthy working conditions. We respect the dignity of the individual and support the right of employees to freedom of expression of ideas, thoughts, views, decisions, etc. We will ensure transparent, fair and confidential procedures for employees to raise concerns. To create a friendly and motivating work environment, SEWA has launched a number of creative initiatives:

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