Latest Job vacancies in Dubai Municipality

The Dubai Municipality, which just celebrated its 66th anniversary on February 28, 2020, is one of the city’s most important government institutions. The government body has gone a long way since its humble origins in the 1950s, when it was established with a small number of employees tasked with keeping the city clean and well-maintained.

Dubai Municipality Careers

In the early 1950s, Dubai Municipality began with three people working out of a single room. Since its inception, the Municipality has continued to grow steadily, and now employs over 15,000 people across 32 organisational units, making it the major driving force behind Dubai City’s overall development. It has already met its promise to migrate 90 percent of its 512 unique services to eService’s a year ahead of schedule.

How to apply Dubai Municipality vacancies ?

To apply for positions with the Dubai Municipality, you must have all of the necessary documentation in digital format. Create your most recent CV with a detailed biography, education, work experience, and any achievements you’ve had with the same level of success. To continue, click the online option.

Latest Job Vacancies

lateral dental assistant 1
Human Resources Executive
Executive of Parents & School
Senior Manager Business Marketing
Manager Business Marketing
Obstacle Control Officer
Senior Obstacle Control Officer
Senior Director of IT Strategy and Institutional Design
Senior Manager of Employee Relations