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More About Qatar National Cement Company:

Qatar National Cement Company is a cement manufacturer based in Umm Bab, Qatar. It was the first cement company established in the State of Qatar. The company claims to serve 70% of the local cement demands in the country.

The cement industry in Qatar was initially planned in 1956, with a preliminary survey being conducting in 1963. The company was establishing in 1965 and was the first major non-oil industry to be commission in Qatar. It had a starting capital of QR5 million and was one of the few industries to have had both private and public ownership. The government of Dubai was one of its first private stakeholders.

The first board of directors was appoint in its inauguratory year, with nine members overall. Two were government officials, one was an official from the government of Dubai, and six were founding members. The Dubai government officially withdrew from the board in 1972.

In 1967, the company began installing its facilities. Its facilities were inaugurated in May 1969, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tonnes. The government formed two departments for the company in 1976. One was for exporting cement, and the other was supervising cement sales within the country. Both department proved to be ineffectual and annulled shortly after. In 1980, the board was restructure, resulting in a greater representation of the Qatari government. As of 2010, the Qatari government owns 43% of the company.

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